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Customer reviews

You can find customer reviews in many places, but it is important you do your own research.

Youtube, forums and social websites.  If you want to invest over $100 on a costume, you might want to spend 20 minutes to do your own research.  On youtube, you just type in Cosplaymagic;  on FB or IG, you can search #cosplaymagic. These reviews are backed by videos and pictures and you can see both compliments and complains to help you make a better decision.

In the store product page: Some customers will tag us on Facebook and IG when they post their pictures, so we can embed them in our product page.  These are all real persons behind each reviews, you can even click on the picture and talk to our customers directly, all are happy to answer your questions.  Other stores may have many customer comments, but unlike us, they are linked to FB or IG, you shall be more cautious about these reviews, as the store owner have all the incentive and the ability to put whatever words they want on it.

Third party review sites.   These reviews were not from verified customers(if they are real person at all). We were perplexing at first why our customers do not use our 24 hours return policy, and instead went to a rarely heard review site, until we start getting emails from these sites asking us to pay so they can arbitrate for us, they even offer yearly plan and promise to remove all the negative feedbacks(they put on the first place). 

Who are you, are you a online retailer?

The short answer is NO.  All costumes you see are made by our own very experienced tailors, we do not buy from Aliexpress, Taobao or a factory in China like other stores.  We take quality very seriously and believe we make the best costumes money can buy.  If you are looking for a true quality cosplay, you are at the right place.  

I saw the same photos on other stores, but much cheaper, why I shall buy from you?

All costumes are made by our very experienced tailors. We do not buy from a wholesaler, and we do not sell on any other places. If you see the same photos on another store, they are definitely stealing our photos, and you will not get the same costumes. 

What payment method do you accept?

We accept all major credit card, debit card and paypal. Online payment will be processed at merchant bank’s server and we do not have access to your credit card information. (check the url before you enter your credit card info)

Where do you ship and how long does it take?

We ship worldwide, express shipping takes around 4 working days, airmail takes around 3-4 weeks. If you have a close deadline, please contact us and we can make proper arrangement. We offer free shipping to US, Canada, Australia and Western Europe. For all other countries, please fill in your address at checkout and click apply shipping.

Do you have any coupons  available?

We believe a transparent price is fair for all our customers, so we do not have hidden coupons or fake discounts.  All discounts on our sales are real discount, many below production cost.  However, we do have  promotional contests on our facebook or instagram account where you can win costumes and gift certificate. 

How can I have my measurement?

Please check here for detailed instruction.


Unwashed, unworn, or defective merchandise can be returned by mail for exchange or refund. Please email us immediately for Return Authorization Number, returns without RAN will not reach us and cannot be processed.

If you want to return for exchange, please send us back the item within a reasonable time(2 weeks shall be enough time for you find out the size problem in most cases) after you get the package.

If you do not like the costume you received and want a refund, you simply contact us within 24 hours after you receive the package and once you have the RAN, please send us back the package with tracking number. We donot accept refund from 1st Oct till 31th Oct. Our refund policy does not apply to custom size orders and commissions.

We do not charge restocking fee but we can not refund shipping for items returning for refund.