Game of Thrones Cosplay

Game of Thrones Cosplay Costumes

During the 6 years, we have gradually added more than 30 GOT cosplay. We made Daenerys wedding dress first, then we add her Khaleesi outfit, her war outfit in S7, and her signature snow coat in S8. At the same time, we keep making improvements on existing costumes. Our Jon Snow King of North Costume has gone through 3 major upgrades, the latest weights 10lbs, nearly twice as heavy as the first edition. All these is only possible because we have a small team of very experienced tailors to make our own costumes, rather than outsourced to a big factory, like nearly all the rest cosplay store. If you see the same picture elsewhere, they are stealing our pictures, and you will not get the costume in the picture.

We always use the best fabrics for all our cosplay, not least because fabrics consists only a very small part of our cost, the majority of the cost comes from man power.  Our Night King cosplay takes 15 hours work of a experienced tailor.

We are very proud that we have seen our game of thrones cosplay wore by many pros at convention, celebrities at Halloween party, even one congressman has bought from us last year.  With permission, we have added some links of facebook page where our customers posted their GOT costumes.


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Showing all 46 results